Wedding Plan videos


Discover the planning functionality of Wedding Plan allowing you to manage all the tasks of an event

Program of the Day

In this new video, find the Program of the Day functionality. We explain all the tips for creating a program quickly.

Quote and Invoice

Find out how to manage your quotes and invoices on Wedding Plan

Creation of an event and configuration of the newlyweds interface

In this video, we present you the file of an event, the creation of the different sections of an event, the creation of an account for your client as well as the management of the client interface

Guest List

See how to manage the guest list with Wedding Plan

Connexion de votre agenda classique avec Wedding Plan

Vous voulez synchroniser Wedding Plan avec votre agenda Google, iCloud ou Outlook ? On vous explique comment faire.

Recherche avancée de vos prestataires

Retrouvez une fonctionnalité très utile de Wedding Plan : la recherche de prestataire !

Configuration du site des mariés

Voici une vidéo vous présentant la configuration d'un site internet personnalisé de vos mariés

Electronic signature

Find out how to get your contracts, quotes or other documents signed with Wedding Plan.

A 100% legal method.

Decoration Stock

In this video, learn how to manage your item inventory. Manage your customer orders, supplier orders and your inventory easily.